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5-star reviews of Solesties

Solesties - review biljanaThe effect is immediate!
It’s hard to believe, but ever since I put these insoles in my favorite work shoes, I knew it would get better. Shopping at the big box store, walking up a hill, or even sitting on a bench was becoming an everyday problem. The belly fat was causing such pressure and discomfort that I began to limit social gatherings? Hey, why? From the moment I put the insoles in, after just one week, my friends started asking me what diet I had started. I will tell them my way only after I reach my dream 58kg.

– Biljana from Novi Sad (Serbia)

Solesties - review natalieWhy didn’t anyone tell me about this method before?
My way to the dream figure I wanted was not easy. I used many products, even those from the black market. The yo-yo effect was there every time, and my determination fell with every new diet or pack of capsules I started. I even had difficulty sleeping because of my big belly. These insoles have changed my life, and every day their pleasant pressure improves my mood. I’m already down -12kilograms, and I’m planning on doing so again. After just a few days I forgot I was wearing them. I forgot I was losing weight!!!

– Natalie from New York (USA)

Solesties - review mattiasI feel better and have more energy to do things.
Being very overweight is no joke. My BMI was very high. I already had big problems with my heart and kidney function. After using Solesties for two months, I feel like I took off a backpack with a very heavy load. I even stopped drinking coffee because I have more energy to do things. It was a great decision, which I recommend to everybody!

– Mattias from Helsinki (Finland)

A nagging overweight and lack of self-acceptance? It’s a thing of the past

Notice that already after the age of 24-25 the metabolism slows down, and the ways that were effective before no longer give such results. Most cases of overweight are caused by our habits that we don’t need to change.

The innovative use of polyamagnetic and acupressure in the form of Solesties is the solution of the year 2021 in the weight loss category. Not only does it improve your quality of life, but it’s also the perfect gift for your body. Start losing weight effectively, crank up your metabolism and correct your posture. Yes, an unnatural, bloated belly causes you to start hunching over time. Proper acupressure in Solesties orthotics nullifies this phenomenon. In addition to rapid weight loss, you will improve your posture, relieve back strain, and smile every day.

Solesties are the best solution for your body. Your muscles and joints will certainly thank you. The magnetic field exerted by 12 magnets arranged in a row will reduce inflammation faster and the burned fat will be converted into energy for everyday duties. Do you need more arguments?

Simple weight loss = it’s possible

Reduce the strain on your joints by shedding unnecessary weight. Fat additionally deposited in your hips? Stabilize the process of losing weight, do not change your habits. Do not believe in restrictive, magical diets. Give yourself confidence and security by slimming down every day with Solesties magnetic insoles. It doesn’t matter if you work at a computer or behind the wheel. The most important thing is one new habit every morning, putting on comfortable shoes with Solesties insoles to start your active fat burning treatment.

Simple weight loss with Solesties

It doesn’t matter if you run 10 kilometers a day or if you can’t manage to climb the second floor of your apartment building. The natural weight loss process is the same in each of us, we just need to activate it properly! From today, enjoy a good mood, less weight, reduced cholesterol and better vigor. You will see that Solesties is your unique recipe for happy days without worrying about being overweight.

Solesties magnetic insoles – loved by thousands of people around the world

This is a full-service weight loss solution. Comprehensive help in: excess fat, pain in the spine, knees or hips and faster recovery of already formed inflammation. How, in addition to a form of weight loss, has Solesties helped thousands of people?

  • They immediately activate the natural weight loss process
  • They effectively reduce the level of bad cholesterol for a long time. Not a diet followed by a yo-yo effect(!)
  • Restore the correct posture, professionally massage acupressure points of the foot
  • Versatile and very pleasant solution that you will use every day
  • Lightweight, very easy to put on. Stabilize the posture and eliminate the degenerative pressures in the joints

Special offer! Solesties buy now!

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“My belly shrank literally within a week. And now I have to admit that my wife’s urging to get these insoles turned out to be right. I feel much better and can even play ball with my grandchildren”

– wrote an official customer of

5 reasons why you should get your Solesties

Successful weight loss is a way to a better life. A better life is a smile and full acceptance of yourself. Lack of everyday worries allows you to achieve your highest goals. Do not let a few or several kilograms of fat overshadow your plans or dreams.

  1. Nature is the right and safe way. Specialized massage is simply merciless to fat deposits. It breaks down the fossilized backlog even in the farthest tissues, making it possible to get energy from it naturally. Moreover, this magnetic method does not interfere with any additional medications you are taking and is comfortable for daily use. Relax and lose weight!
  2. Don’t change anything! Live your favorite way of everyday life. Leave your metabolism at its natural point. Relax according to your inner harmony and give the power of Solesties magnets some time to actively break down fat.
  3. Without excessive physical exertion. Slim figure in summer? During hot weather and temperatures exceeding 35 degrees? Heavy physical exercise is a disaster for your body on hot days. Successful weight loss does not require chronic fatigue, walk with Solesites insoles and get the most out of life. At the same time, stimulate the most important areas of your feet.
  4. Trust in science. Magnetic fields and the benefits of science have been used for decades. Reliable scientific research confirms the effectiveness of such therapy in both regeneration and activation of metabolic processes.
  5. Don’t overpay for something you deserve. Thousands of euros for treatments or ineffective diets? Or heavy physical exercises or ineffective teas – yes, it’s all waiting for you in a flurry of advertisements. Monthly passes and subscriptions to work out plans will stay in your pocket for other pleasures! Solesties insoles are an investment and a one-time much cheaper expense.

FAQ – Solesties

Is Solesties a safe product?

Yes, it is a certified solution to the overweight problem of hundreds of people around the world. The unique quality mark confirms the originality and unique form of the product. Confirmed tests of both magnets and activated acupressure are 100% safe for health. Laboratory tests marked with specific designations confirm these assurances.

Solesties at the pharmacy, where to buy the product?

The best way to get original Solesties weight loss magnetic insoles is to order them from the original manufacturer's website. No stationary outlet has the authorized ability to sell Solesties by which the price anywhere else will be higher. Click on this link to take advantage of the -49% sale.

For whom are Solesties insoles designed. Dreaming of a slim figure? For everyone!

Undoubtedly, Solesties have revolutionized the entire world of dietetics and physiotherapy. On the one hand, an excellent stimulation of the vital areas of Chinese acupressure, which can replace virtually any massage. On the other hand, a comfortable solution to obesity problems. It is worth remembering that being overweight is a key factor in further, more annoying and unhealthy complications.

Solesties - how it works

Abnormal body weight, excess cholesterol, the excess weight that your spine has to carry – all of this is already making itself known in a short time. Faster breathing on the stairs, weaker mood, lack of motivation and willingness to act and pain. If you have noticed any of the above in yourself, it is time to apply Solesties right now!

In addition, Solesties are universal. Everyone can use them regardless of gender, age, or height. They will fit any size foot and start working when you put your foot in them. Get rid of fat, pain, and soreness with Solesties. You, your friend and anyone in need!

Solesties – product composition

  • Magnetic level – 12 magnets placed in series under the latex material. They stimulate the end of the foot, massaging it and helping in the weight loss process.
  • Upper material – leather and latex allow for comfortable and long-lasting use.

Safety of use

Magnetic insoles do not interfere with taking any dietary supplements or other medications. Pay special attention to their magnetic properties. Do not place Solesties near anything that is antimagnetic.

Do not place Solesties near non-magnetic objects. Do not place Solesties near hearing instruments or other electronic devices.


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